April 2017

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otata 16 (April 2017)

— from otata’s bookshelf —

L’incinta — Matryoshka Doll

John Perlman – Sixteen Poems


Otata will come again
one day
late fall in the mountains

— Santoka as translated by Burton Watson

Otata mo aru hi wa kite kureru yama no aki fukaku

As Watson notes, “Otata was a woman who went around selling fish in the area of Santoka’s cottage in Matsuyama.”


All works copyright © 2017 by the respective poets.

Address submissions to otatahaiku@gmail.com

—John Martone

One thought on “April 2017

  1. Reblogged this on "Ama no gawa" and commented:
    Here is the new issue of Otata!
    Many thanks to the editor John Martone for choosing four of my haiku. it’s an honor for me.
    Post them below:

    without umbrella –
    a cat shelters
    under tulips

    dying night –
    spring blows
    over caffe latte

    the florist screams…
    it’s too early

    butterfly wings too heavy in rain

    Elisa Allo

    Congratulations to my friends Eufemia Griffo, Angiola Inglese, Antonio Mangiameli, Christina Sng, Angela Giordano, Billy Antonio.


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